IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Reality (ICIR)

14-16 December 2022 | Virtual Event

The Intelligent Reality (IR) advances human adoption of integrated Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR), with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Digital Twins, IoT, Robotics, Blockchain, Wearables, 5G, Internet of Everything etc. It integrates AI-accelerated workflows, complex simulations, advanced visualizations, real-time analytics, and many other components to fuse the physical world with digital spaces, thus, enabling humans and machines to co-exist and leverage each other’s strengths.

The IEEE 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Reality (ICIR 2022) aims at identifying the challenges and opportunities inherent in deploying intelligent tools and interactive disruptive technologies into immersive environments. It provides a forum for leading researchers, industry professionals, and standards experts to share their research findings and ideas. This year’s theme is “Towards a World of Intelligent Reality”. The 2022 conference will be a virtual event, consisting of keynotes, invited sessions, oral presentations of peer-reviewed papers, poster presentations, and an application competition.

The IEEE Digital Reality Initiative launched the first International Conference on Intelligent Reality in 2021 to help cultivate and advance this exciting new frontier of Intelligent Reality. We are excited about the success of this conference for years to come.