Areas of Interest

We invite researchers, industries, and standards experts to submit their work on this new frontier of Intelligent Reality. Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

1. Intelligent Reality Science and Foundations

      • Advanced Analytical Models
      • Efficient neural network inference Engines, Transfer Learning
      • Innovative Rendering Models
      • Security, Privacy, Integrity, and Ethics
      • Evaluation Metrics and Methodologies
      • Novel Quality Models
      • Quality of Experience
      • New Standards

2. Intelligent Reality Technology and Infrastructure

      • Neural Network Compression
      • Point Cloud Compression
      • Immersive Visual Media: Omidirectional, 360, 3DoF, 3DoF, 6DoF+, etc.
      • Spatial Audio, 3D Surround Sounds
      • Geometric Modeling and Design
      • Media Coded Representation
      • Interact Machine Learning between Virtual Objects and Real World
      • Interoperability between Machine Learning, Virtual Objects, and Real World
      • Sensor Fusion
      • Visual Analytics
      • Multimodel Interaction and Experience
      • Rendering Techniques
      • System Architectures, Design, and Deployment
      • Energy-efficient Computing
      • New Programming Models and Environments
      • Software Techniques and Architectures

3. Hardware, Accelerators, Devices for Intelligent Reality

      • AR Glasses, VR Headsets, other AR/VR Form-Factors, Smart Devices
      • Sensors technology in actuators, tactile, haptic, etc. for IR applications
      • Network on Chip, System on Chip, Programmable Chip
      • FPGA/CGRA/GPU/etc. accelerators for IR applications
      • Operating system support and runtimes for hardware accelerators
      • Programming models and platforms for accelerators
      • Novel system organizations and designs
      • Computation in memory/storage/network

4. Intelligent Reality Applications

      • Arts, Games, Leisure, Sports, and Entertainment
      • E-commerce, Retail, Real Estate
      • 3D Model and Terrain Data
      • Interior Design, Landscaping & Urban Planning
      • Tourism and Travel
      • Telepresence, Teleoperation, collaboration, and social interactions
      • Education, Simulation, and Training
      • Healthcare, Medicine, Therapy
      • Transportation, Automotive, Aerospace
      • Geospatial
      • Finance
      • Industrial, Military, Emergency Response
      • Communication and Collaboration
      • Manufacturing and Occupational Safety
      • Advertising & Marketing
      • Government, Public Sector and Society in General

5. Intelligent Reality Services

      • Emergency
      • Environmental
      • Public Safety
      • Health Care
      • Public Transportation
      • Travel and Booking
      • Public Buildings
      • Repair & Maintenance
      • Social
      • Urban Planning
      • Professional
      • Housing
      • Tourism

6. Intelligent Reality Management

      • Content Creation, Authoring, and Management
      • Analytics Services and Management
      • Scalability and Efficiency between AI, Virtual Objects, and Real World
      • Data Acquisition, Integration, Cleaning, and Best Practices
      • Visualization Analytics
      • Computational Modeling and Data Integration

7. Security, Ethics, Privacy, and Trust in Intelligent Reality

      • Research in Security, Privacy, Integrity, and Ethics
      • Techniques and Models for Fairness, Diversity, Transparency, and Interpretability
      • Experimental Studies of Fairness, Diversity, Accountability, and Transparency
      • User Impacts of Novel Attacks
      • Trade-offs between Transparency and Privacy
      • Intrusion, Anomaly, Threat Detection
      • Multi-layer Defensive Frameworks
      • Novel Threats, Attacks, Mitigations
      • Trust Management

8. Social Connection and Concerns in Intelligent Reality

      • User Behaviors and Psychology
      • Groups and Communities Interaction
      • User Safety for in Social Environments